New Exhibit Featuring Fashion and Music Debuts on March 30

### New Exhibit Opening at Fashion Archives and Museum

The Fashion Archives and Museum (FA&M) will be unveiling its newest exhibit, “Instrumental Fashions: Attire and Song,” to the public on March 30, 2024. The exhibit will be open from noon to 4:00 p.m. and will delve into the longstanding relationship between the latest fashion trends and popular songs about clothing.

### Exploring the Connection Between Music and Fashion

Dr. Karin J. Bohleke, the director of FA&M, highlighted the similarities between music and fashion, noting that both industries experience moments of prominence before new styles emerge. Musicians often reflect on contemporary society in their lyrics, immortalizing various fashion trends. The exhibit will feature historical garments inspired by popular songs such as “These Boots Are Made for Walking” and “Lady in Red,” offering visitors a unique perspective on the intersection of music and fashion.

### A Unique Collection Showcasing Fashion History

The Fashion Archives and Museum boasts a collection of 15,000 items, mostly donated clothing dating from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. These garments, worn by individuals of all ages, provide valuable insights into cultural values, artistic expressions, and historical significance. The museum’s collaboration with faculty and students creates a dynamic learning environment, offering hands-on opportunities for visitors to engage with fashion history.

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### Mark Your Calendar

The “Instrumental Fashions: Attire and Song” exhibit will be on display at the Fashion Archives and Museum until November 14. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the fascinating connection between music and fashion through the lens of historical garments and popular songs.

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