News of Baltimore Key Bridge collapse and ongoing rescue operations

Update on Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse

In a tragic incident on Tuesday, the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed, with three Mexican nationals among those present during the event, confirmed by Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Rescue Efforts and Current Status

President López Obrador shared that one individual has been rescued and is currently alive, albeit injured but safe. Unfortunately, two others remain missing. The families of the missing individuals are receiving support from diplomatic officials.

Challenges Faced by Migrants

Highlighting the challenges faced by migrants, especially those performing risky work at unconventional hours, López Obrador criticized the treatment of migrants by certain politicians in the United States.

Concern for Other Missing Individuals

Aside from the Mexican nationals, President López Obrador also mentioned awareness of other missing persons, including individuals believed to be brothers from Central America.

Commitment to Support

In light of the challenging circumstances, López Obrador assured that his administration would maintain communication with the families of the missing individuals, providing necessary support during this difficult time.

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