Officials discover body of missing swimmer in Potomac River: NBC4 Washington

Tragedy Strikes in Potomac River

Tragedy Strikes in Potomac River

Memorial Day Weekend Turns Tragic

Over Memorial Day weekend, a body was discovered in the Potomac River while rescue crews were in search of a young man who had gone missing during an attempt to swim across the swiftly moving waters.

Vanishing Act Near Great Falls

According to Montgomery County Fire and Rescue officials, two young men ventured into the waters near Great Falls, Virginia, with the goal of swimming to the Maryland side. Unfortunately, only one of the swimmers successfully made it across while the other disappeared.

Intensive Search Efforts

An exhaustive search operation involving land, water, and air resources was carried out by officials until late Saturday, followed by a continuation of the search the next day.

Discovery of the Body

On Monday, a kayaker alerted authorities after finding a body in the water. Utilizing sonar technology, crews had also detected evidence of a body among rocks in the river. Swift water rescue units were dispatched to recover the body, believed to be that of the missing swimmer.

Investigation Underway

A death investigation is currently in progress, with no immediate information released regarding the identity of the missing swimmer.

Prevalence of Tragedies

Tragic incidents on the Potomac River are not unusual, particularly during warmer months. In a separate incident, a woman from a group of visiting college students drowned while kayaking in the river last September.

Prohibited Swimming Due to Danger

Swimming in the Potomac River is strictly prohibited due to its hazardous nature, as emphasized by the National Park Service (NPS). Despite its calm surface appearance, the river’s underwater currents, whirlpools, and submerged rock formations pose significant risks.

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