Online sleuths and matching moles aid FBI in arrest of man on Jan. 6 assault charges

The FBI Arrests Jan. 6 Capitol Rioter in Maryland

Identifying the Suspect

The FBI apprehended Thomas “Tommy” Joseph Kelly, Jr. in Maryland on charges related to the January 6 Capitol attack. Kelly faces allegations of assaulting law enforcement officers, engaging in civil disorder, and using a deadly weapon during the chaos.

Online Sleuths Aid in the Investigation

With the help of online “sedition hunters,” the FBI was able to pinpoint Kelly as a participant in the Capitol violence. Referred to as #Zionor due to the brand of snow goggles he wore during the attack, Kelly was listed as no. 189 on the FBI’s Capitol Violence webpage, designating him as a high-priority suspect.

Utilizing Facial Recognition Technology

Online sleuths employed facial recognition technology to identify Kelly, ultimately leading the FBI to publicly available photos of the suspect on a photography website. Notably, the bureau focused on particular facial features, including the size and position of two distinct moles, to confirm Kelly’s identity.

Confirmation Through Additional Evidence

Further solidifying their case, the FBI noted that Kelly was accompanied by his wife during the Capitol attack. By cross-referencing Kelly’s wife’s Amazon purchase history, which included matching items worn during the riot, the bureau was able to verify Kelly’s involvement in the violent events.

Evidence of Assault

Video footage from the Capitol siege captured Kelly actively engaging in violent behavior towards law enforcement officers. He was seen using a pole to strike officers, wielding a large “TRUMP” sign as a weapon, and celebrating when fellow rioters attacked police with pepper spray.

Violent Confrontation

Inside the lower west tunnel of the Capitol, Kelly aggressively confronted law enforcement, causing significant harm to an officer. By jabbing and thrusting a pole at the police line, Kelly inflected serious injuries, including a cracked helmet and loss of consciousness, on one officer.

Legal Ramifications

Since the January 6 Capitol riot, federal prosecutors have brought charges against over 1,425 individuals involved in the insurrection. With more than 1,019 convictions secured, a significant portion of defendants have faced incarceration, with sentences ranging from days behind bars to lengthy federal prison terms.

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