Pence refutes claims of FBI involvement in January 6 attack

Former Vice President Mike Pence Denounces Capitol Attack Conspiracy Theory

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FBI Conspiracy Theory Debunked

Former Vice President Mike Pence strongly rejected the unfounded conspiracy theory suggesting that the FBI orchestrated the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union”.

Pence’s Personal Experience

Pence, who was present at the Capitol on that fateful day, expressed his outrage at the sight of individuals vandalizing the building, stating, “To see people literally breaking windows, ransacking the Capitol, it just infuriated me. I remember thinking ‘not this, not here, not at the United States Capitol.'”

Gratitude for Law Enforcement

Pence expressed his gratitude for the FBI’s efforts to apprehend those responsible for the violence and destruction, demanding that they be held accountable to “the fullest extent of the law”.

Accountability for Former President Trump

While acknowledging the reckless words of former President Donald Trump on that day, Pence emphasized that the attack should never have happened, and history would ultimately judge Trump’s role in it.

Belief in Falsehoods

A recent Washington Post poll revealed that a third of Republicans believe the conspiracy theory that the FBI instigated the attack. Pence urged those who hold such beliefs to look at the facts and acknowledge the hardships endured by the Capitol Hill Police.

New Leadership for the Republican Party

Pence discussed the upcoming Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary as opportunities for the Republican Party to redefine itself and move forward with new leadership.

Separation from Trump

Pence and Trump had a strained relationship following the attack, with several days of no communication. They even went their separate ways on Inauguration Day, as Pence attended President Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony while Trump departed for Florida.

Pence’s Close Call

During the riot, Pence was hurriedly escorted out of the Senate chamber as violent protesters, some calling for his death, stormed the halls of Congress.

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