Promoting Climate-Resilient Tree Species Regeneration in Northeastern Forests through Overbrowsing Management (U.S. National Park Service)

Protecting Forests for Future Generations

White tailed deer with antlers eating vegetation.
White tailed deer feeding on vegetation

Scott Teodorski

Why? The National Park Service (NPS) is taking action to protect forests from substantial loss due to lack of regeneration, known as regeneration debt. Increased white-tailed deer densities along the Eastern seaboard have led to overbrowsing, hindering forest growth. Invasive plants, pests, pathogens, and severe storms have further degraded Eastern forests.

What’s the Plan? The NPS will focus on removing invasives, managing deer populations, and restoring key areas to enhance forest resilience to climate change. This includes developing a regional approach for monitoring deer populations, conducting environmental assessments for deer management, and implementing deer management plans.

Engaging Stakeholders The NPS will involve stakeholders in planning, data collection, and management efforts. This includes collaborating with Native American Tribes and engaging youth in project activities to inspire a commitment to ecosystem protection and restoration.

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