Questioning of Michael Cohen in Trump hush money trial focuses on crimes and lies

Trump Hush Money Trial: A Closer Look at the Defense Strategy

As the hush money case against Donald Trump nears its conclusion, defense lawyers are strategically targeting former attorney Michael Cohen’s credibility. They aim to persuade jurors to question Cohen’s reliability as a witness in the case that could shape Trump’s future.

Unveiling Cohen’s Checkered Past

The defense team, led by attorney Todd Blanche, is spotlighting Cohen’s criminal history and previous lies to undermine his testimony. They portray him as a habitual liar determined to see Trump face legal repercussions.

The Prosecution’s Reliance on Cohen

Cohen, the prosecution’s key witness, has implicated Trump in a scheme to silence women with damaging stories. Despite Trump’s denial of the allegations, Cohen claims Trump was intricately involved in efforts to conceal the scandalous accounts.

The Attack on Cohen’s Motives

The defense challenges Cohen’s intentions, suggesting that his betrayal stemmed from personal motives rather than a commitment to truth. By revealing private text messages and highlighting Cohen’s aspirations for a White House role, the defense aims to cast doubt on his integrity.

Trump’s Defense Strategy

Trump’s legal team contends that the payments to Cohen were legitimate legal expenses, designed to shield Trump’s family from false accusations rather than benefit his political campaign. They argue that Cohen’s actions were driven by personal vendetta rather than a quest for justice.

The Battle in Court

Throughout the trial, Cohen’s animosity towards Trump has been evident, with his profane social media posts and public criticisms. Despite facing scrutiny over his past deceptions, Cohen remains resolute in his campaign against the former president.

Future Witness Testimonies

As the trial progresses, the defense plans to continue questioning Cohen’s credibility. While the prosecution prepares to rest its case, the defense may call expert witnesses to challenge the allegations. The possibility of Trump taking the stand remains uncertain.


As the legal battle unfolds, both sides are engaged in a high-stakes confrontation that will determine the outcome of the hush money trial. With Trump’s fate hanging in the balance, the courtroom drama continues to captivate audiences and shape the future of American politics.

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