Rabbonim from Lamed-K Visit AgriStar and Meet with Shochtim

### Lamed-K Rabbonim Inspect AgriStar Plant

The rabbonim of the newly established Lamed-K kosher agency embarked on a visit to the AgriStar meat plant in Postville, Iowa. This inspection was conducted to meet with the shochtim and inspect the shechita and bedika processes at the facility. The team included Rabbi Shlomo Segal of Crown Heights, Rabbi Gedalya Oberlander of Kingston, PA, and Rabbi Aaron Lieberman of Lauderhill, FL.

### Meeting with Shor Habor Personnel

During their visit, the Lamed-K leaders engaged in a meeting with the personnel responsible for the production of chicken and meat under Shor Habor. They were joined by Lubavitcher shochtim and mashgichim, ensuring a comprehensive inspection of the plant’s operations. This collaborative effort aimed to ensure the strict adherence to kosher standards in the production process.

### Official Visit Following Lamed-K Formation

Rabbis Segal and Oberlander had previously visited the AgriStar plant, but this particular visit held significance as it was the first official inspection following the announcement of Lamed-K’s formation. The inspection served as a demonstration of the agency’s commitment to upholding kosher standards and maintaining transparency in its operations. It also highlighted the dedication of the rabbinic leadership to overseeing the kosher certification process meticulously.

The visit to the AgriStar plant provided an opportunity for the Lamed-K rabbonim to interact with the plant personnel directly, ensuring clear communication and understanding of the kosher requirements. This proactive approach underscores the agency’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of kosher certification and fostering trust within the Jewish community.

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