Recap of day 19 in Donald Trump’s hush money trial: Key updates and highlights

Key Points from Trump’s Trial Update

Former President Donald Trump made headlines as he addressed the media following his court appearance in New York City.

Trump’s Remarks to Reporters

Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the trial proceedings, calling the judge a “tyrant” and emphasizing the importance of his legal team’s efforts to dismiss the case. Despite facing restrictions due to a gag order, Trump cited statements from supporters and filmmakers to bolster his position.

Current Status of the Trial

The defense is preparing to rest its case, with plans for closing arguments after Memorial Day. While the possibility of Trump testifying remains open, it seems increasingly unlikely. The defense is striving to prevent the case from reaching the jury based on the credibility of a key witness.

Defense’s Motion to Dismiss

Trump’s legal team is actively seeking a swift dismissal of the case, citing a lack of evidence to support the prosecution’s claims. They argue that Trump’s involvement in the case was minimal and focused on legitimate legal services provided by his attorney at the time.

Courtroom Drama Unfolds

Following a heated exchange with a witness, the judge briefly cleared the courtroom, reprimanding the witness for his behavior. The witness’s testimony revealed insights into conversations related to hush money payments and legal troubles involving Trump.

Insights from Robert Costello

Attorney Robert Costello testified about interactions with Michael Cohen and discussions surrounding potential legal repercussions. Cohen allegedly expressed concerns about his situation and denied Trump’s involvement in certain payments.

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