Record Rainfall Causes Airport Submersion and Crocodile Sightings

Flash Floods in Australia: Worst-Ever Flood Hits North Queensland

Flash Floods in Australia: Worst-Ever Flood Hits North Queensland

By Tiffanie Turnbull

Flash floods in north Queensland have resulted in the evacuation of an entire town and have left people stranded on a hospital roof. This is predicted to be the worst-ever flood in the region, caused by extreme weather triggered by a tropical cyclone. The area has experienced a year’s worth of rain in a short period of time, leading to devastating consequences.

Unprecedented Scenes of Destruction

Images captured the scale of the disaster, with planes submerged at Cairns airport and even a crocodile spotted in the middle of a town. People have been forced to flee in boats as the floodwaters continue to rise, causing chaos and destruction.

No Fatalities Reported

Thankfully, no deaths or missing persons have been reported so far. However, the relentless rainfall is set to continue for another 24 hours, prolonging the danger and devastation. The priority now is to rescue those who are trapped and provide them with necessary support.

Unprecedented Levels of Rainfall

The city of Cairns has experienced over 2 meters of rainfall since the onset of the extreme weather event. Queensland Premier Steven Miles expressed his deep concern, stating that even locals in Cairns have never witnessed such a catastrophe before. This speaks volumes about the severity of the situation.

Immediate Evacuation Efforts

The immediate focus is on rescuing individuals who are trapped in rising floodwaters, such as those in the remote town of Wujal Wujal. Emergency crews have been unable to reach nine people, including a sick child, who spent the night on the roof of the hospital. Although a planned evacuation was canceled due to bad weather, authorities will make another attempt on Tuesday morning.

Unrelenting Rainfall and Record-Breaking Rivers

The torrential rain is expected to persist throughout Monday, coinciding with a high tide and exacerbating the impact on low-lying communities. While the rainfall is anticipated to ease on Tuesday, rivers are still rising and will remain swollen for several days. In fact, several rivers are projected to surpass records set during the mammoth flood event of 1977. The Daintree River has already exceeded the previous record by 2 meters after receiving 820mm of rain within 24 hours.

Climate Change’s Role

Australia has experienced a series of disasters in recent years, including severe drought, historic bushfires, and record-breaking floods. The country is currently facing an El Nino weather event, which is associated with extreme phenomena such as wildfires and cyclones. The latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report warns that unless urgent action is taken to combat climate change, future disasters will continue to worsen.


Flash floods in north Queensland have devastated the region, leading to the evacuation of entire towns and leaving people stranded. The extreme weather event triggered by a tropical cyclone has resulted in a year’s worth of rain in a short period of time. The authorities are working tirelessly to rescue those who are trapped and provide necessary assistance. This catastrophic event serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address climate change and its consequences.

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