Red Bull suspends female employee who accused team principal Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior, according to reports

Red Bull Suspends Employee Amid Allegations Against F1 Team Principal

Red Bull Suspends Employee Amid Allegations Against F1 Team Principal

Recent reports indicate that Red Bull has taken action against a female employee who accused F1 team principal Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior. The suspension was confirmed by Horner during a press briefing in Jeddah ahead of the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

Investigation and Clearing of Wrongdoing

In February, Red Bull initiated an independent investigation in response to the allegations made against Horner. The accused was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing last week, with the team stressing that they handled the matter professionally and thoroughly.

Despite alleged leaked messages circulating within the F1 community, the authenticity of which CNN was unable to verify, Red Bull opted not to comment further on the situation.

Response from Horner and Verstappen

Horner has denied the allegations and expressed his intent to move forward as a team. Speculation arose about Max Verstappen potentially leaving Red Bull Racing following comments made by his father, Jos Verstappen. However, Horner believes that Verstappen will honor his contract with the team through 2028.

Addressing the controversy, Horner emphasized the commitment between Verstappen, the team, and their shared successes, aiming to build on their achievements in the future.

Industry Reaction and Calls for Transparency

Zak Brown of McLaren Racing highlighted the need for more transparency in handling such cases within the sport. He underlined the importance of ensuring that the matter does not tarnish the reputation of Formula 1. Brown stated that if a similar situation occurred in his team, the individual under investigation would have been suspended.

While acknowledging the complexity of the situation, Brown suggested that the incident should be viewed as an isolated case involving specific individuals rather than a broader issue within Formula 1.

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