Represent Yourself at the Gold Gala: Fashion at its Finest

### Stars Shine at Gold Gala Celebrating Asian Pacific Talent

On Saturday, celebrities gathered at The Music Center in Los Angeles for the Gold Gala, a celebration of influential talent across the Asian Pacific community. Hosted by the non-profit Gold House, the event showcased stars from entertainment, fashion, technology, and more embracing their cultural heritage through their red carpet looks. Actor Karrueche Tran wowed in a red ao dai designed by Vietnamese American fashion designer Thai Nguyen, while Taiwanese drag queen Nymphia Wind donned a bold ensemble by Singaporean designer Sheng Cheong.

### Glitzy Affair Honoring Asian Pacific Leaders

The Gold Gala also honored the Gold House’s annual A100 list, recognizing one hundred Asian Pacific leaders who have made a significant impact on culture and society. Honorees included author and TV host Padma Lakshmi, actor Lucy Liu, and the cast and creator of Netflix’s Emmy-award winning series “Beef.” The event was a celebratory gathering of the AAPI community, emphasizing the importance of representation and support among its members.

### Progress in Diversity and Inclusion

While there have been historical barriers for Asians in various industries, recent years have seen positive changes in representation and storytelling. A joint study by Gold House and USC Annenberg revealed an increase in the percentage of speaking Asian characters in top box-office films in the US, indicating a shift towards more diverse and complex roles. The age of streaming has also opened doors for diverse storytelling, as seen in the success of FX’s “Shogun,” which features a predominantly Asian cast and authentic Japanese cultural influences.

### Continued Efforts for Inclusivity

Despite progress, many in the Asian Pacific community acknowledge that there is still work to be done in terms of representation and inclusivity. Creative director Prabal Gurung highlighted the importance of visibility and storytelling within the community, recognizing the long road ahead but also celebrating the strides that have been made. As the industry continues to embrace Asian creativity and talent, there is hope for a future where diverse voices are uplifted and celebrated in all aspects of entertainment.

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