Republicans request additional documents from key witness Cassidy Hutchinson in Jan. 6 investigation

House Committee Requests Communication Records from Cassidy Hutchinson

The House committee, led by Rep. Barry Loudermilk, has requested Cassidy Hutchinson, the star witness from the special committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack and Donald Trump‘s actions, to provide all communications with key figures related to the event.

Information Required

The letter obtained by NBC News asks for communications with former Rep. Liz Cheney, as well as several top former Trump White House officials like Mark Meadows, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Anthony Ornato, Eric Herschmann, and Pat Cipollone. Loudermilk also requested communication concerning Hutchinson’s book deal, employment post-White House, the 25th Amendment, and a trip itinerary from early 2021.

Importance of Request

Loudermilk explained that the request is essential due to the failure of the Jan. 6 panel to properly archive records, leading the subcommittee to replicate some investigative findings. This move is crucial following Trump’s indictment on multiple felony counts related to the 2020 election events.

House Republicans’ Focus

House Republicans, spearheaded by Loudermilk, are keen on revisiting and discrediting the findings of the special committee as Trump aims to return to the White House. Efforts are concentrated on undermining Hutchinson, a former top aide to Meadows in the Trump administration.

Response to Document Requests

Hutchinson’s attorney, William H. Jordan, has not yet responded to the recent request. Jordan previously referred to the request as a pressure tactic to silence Hutchinson in Trump’s criminal trials. Hutchinson has committed to telling the truth despite the pressure campaign.

Hutchinson’s Testimony

During the Jan. 6 hearings, Hutchinson testified under oath about a physical altercation involving Trump and his Secret Service agent. However, a report released by Loudermilk’s panel in March contradicted Hutchinson’s account, suggesting lack of corroboration from other White House employees.

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