Results of the 2024 Idaho Republican Caucus

Event Details for Republican Caucuses in Idaho

The Republican caucuses in Idaho will commence at 2 p.m. Eastern time, with doors opening for participants. Attendees must arrive in person by 3:30 Eastern time to gain admission to the event. Only individuals registered as Republicans by the deadline at the end of the previous year are eligible to take part in the caucuses.

Voting and Results

A single round of voting will take place during the caucuses, with no specified conclusion time set by state party officials. The goal is to declare an overall winner by 8 p.m. Eastern time. Detailed results will follow the announcement of the winner.

Delegate Allocation

Idaho has a total of 32 Republican delegates up for grabs. These delegates will be assigned to the candidate who secures more than 50 percent of the total vote. In the event that no candidate reaches this threshold, delegates will be distributed proportionally. It’s important to note that Idaho Democrats will hold their caucus on May 23, separate from the Republican event.

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