Richard Serra, Renowned Sculptor Known for Monumental Works, Passes Away at 85

The Early Years of Richard Serra

Richard Serra, the acclaimed American sculptor, was born to a Russian Jewish immigrant mother from Odessa. His mother was a strong advocate of education and played a pivotal role in ensuring her sons’ success.

A Passion for Art

From a young age, Serra had a penchant for drawing, often competing for attention with his older brother, Tony. Encouraged by his third-grade teacher, he embarked on a journey into the world of art, leading to a lifelong passion for creativity.

The Influence of Family

Tony Serra, Richard’s brother, followed a different path and became a well-known lawyer with left-wing views. Despite a 25-year estrangement, Richard extended his support by assisting with his brother’s children’s education expenses.

Artistic Education

Attending the University of California, Santa Barbara, Serra engaged with luminaries such as Margaret Mead and Aldous Huxley. His artistic endeavors flourished under the tutelage of painters Howard Warshaw and Rico Lebrun, setting the stage for his future in art.

Yale and Beyond

Upon the suggestion of Howard Warshaw, Serra applied to Yale School of Art, where he received a scholarship. Surrounded by artistic talents like Brice Marden and Rackstraw Downes, he honed his craft and developed a distinctive style.

European Sojourn

A Yale fellowship and a Fulbright grant took Serra and his partner, Nancy Graves, to Europe. In Florence, Italy, Serra’s unique vision came to life through assemblages featuring animals. This period marked the beginning of his illustrious artistic career.

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