Robert Fico, Slovakia’s Prime Minister, Targeted in Assassination Attempt

BUDAPEST, Hungary – Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Survives Shooting

After a political event, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot multiple times, marking a violent turn in his extensive political career.

Medical Update on Prime Minister Fico

Following the attack, Fico is in serious but stable condition after undergoing a five-hour surgery, as reported by a hospital official.

Political Journey of Robert Fico

Robert Fico, born in 1964, began his political career in 1992 and became the chairman of the Smer (Direction) party in 1999, shaping Slovakia’s political landscape.

Political Ideologies and Career Highlights

Fico, often categorized as a left-populist, returned to power in Slovakia amidst comparisons to other politicians like Viktor Orbán. His pro-Russian stance and opposition to Ukraine’s military support stirred controversies.

Public Backlash and Controversies

Fico’s policies, including anti-Western sentiments, anti-graft prosecutor changes, and media control plans, sparked nationwide protests and concerns about Slovakia’s future direction.

Criminal Allegations and Resignation

Facing criminal charges and public backlash, Fico stepped down in 2018 after investigative journalist Ján Kuciak’s murder, linked to tax-related crimes involving high-level politicians.

Personal Life of Robert Fico

Robert Fico is a married father of one, with a controversial legacy in Slovakian politics.

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