San Diego County sees new arrests related to January 6th riot

San Diego Residents Face Charges for Capitol Riot

Federal prosecutors have brought charges against multiple San Diego County residents in connection with the January 6th attack on the Capitol over three years ago. This underscores the severity of the consequences for such actions, sending a strong message to deter any future attempts.

Arrests and Charges

One of the individuals recently arrested is Jordan Berk, who is accused of participating in a Telegram group called the Patriots 45 MAGA Gang. The federal complaint alleges that he expressed concerns about the election and the prophecy that Donald Trump would be the last American president. Photographs depict Berk inside the Capitol during the riot, which was incited by Trump’s claims of election fraud.

Identification and Arrests

David Gary and Jonathan Humphreys, both San Diego residents, were also arrested in connection with the Capitol breach. Gary was identified through facial recognition software after being on an FBI wanted list. Surveillance footage captured Gary yelling at officers inside the Capitol and exiting through a window. Humphreys was caught on camera entering the Capitol through a broken window near the Senate doors.

Legal Ramifications

Law professor Justin Brooks emphasized that these cases are straightforward to prosecute due to the evidence available. With a five-year statute of limitations, prosecutors have limited time to bring charges against the individuals involved in the Capitol riots. The ongoing investigation has already resulted in convictions of numerous individuals across the country, making it one of the largest criminal probes in DOJ history.

Charged Individuals

In addition to Berk, Gary, and Humphreys, other San Diego County residents facing charges include Joshua Youngerman and Josiah Hueso. Youngerman used a rope to access the Capitol walls and shared sentiments of election fraud on social media. Hueso, who was identified after appearing on CNN, received a sentence that included supervised release, community service, and restitution payments.

Sentencing and Legal Proceedings

Louis Lawrence Ambrose and Philip Weisbecker have already been sentenced to probation and fines for their involvement in the Capitol riot. Victor Dennison’s case is awaiting a judicial decision after being arrested in San Diego and expressing concerns about potential violence at the Capitol. Most cases related to the January 6th events involve charges of misdemeanor trespassing.

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