Sara Ali Khan Encourages Fans to Tighten Their Core in Green Workout Attire

### Sara Ali Khan Shares Glimpse of Core Workout

Indian actress Sara Ali Khan recently treated her 45 million Instagram followers to a peek into her typical core workout routine. In a video shared on her profile, the 28-year-old star is seen sporting green shorts and a sports bra while engaging in slow, controlled abdominal exercises on a Pilates reformer machine. Khan’s caption accompanying the post reads, “Start your day right, hold your core tight. I shall invest in some more gym wear soon! Till then I’m more than happy in my green.”

### Fitness Goals and Journey

Known for her remarkable weight loss of almost 90 pounds through diet and exercise, Sara Ali Khan prioritizes her health and fitness goals. She adapts her workout routines based on her professional commitments, often needing to achieve a certain look for specific roles. Khan’s dedication to fitness extends beyond her acting career, as she emphasizes the importance of daily exercise to enhance both physical strength and mental well-being.

### Holistic Approach to Health and Beauty

Taking a holistic approach to health and beauty, Sara Ali Khan underscores the significance of nutrition and self-care in her transformative journey. She highlights the profound impact of nutrition on overall fitness, emphasizing the role of natural ingredients in nurturing the skin from within. Khan’s daily routine includes essential practices such as meditation, yoga, and adequate hydration, reflecting her commitment to overall wellness.

### Advice for Fitness Beginners

Offering valuable advice to fitness beginners, Sara Ali Khan encourages perseverance and consistency in achieving fitness goals. She emphasizes the importance of setting realistic targets, maintaining a balanced diet, and embracing variety in workout routines. Khan’s approach to fitness is grounded in the belief that feeling good and looking good go hand in hand, motivating individuals to stay dedicated to their health and well-being goals.

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