Saving Money for Families: Biden’s America Investment Agenda

The Biden-Harris Administration’s Initiatives to Reduce Costs for American Families

Inflation Reduction Act: Cutting Costs for American Families

Lowering Energy Bills and Increasing Efficiency

The Biden-Harris Administration’s Investing in America agenda includes the groundbreaking Inflation Reduction Act, the largest-ever investment in clean energy and climate action. This initiative is aimed at reducing costs for hardworking American families across the nation. The act is already proving to be beneficial by lowering the upfront costs of installing clean energy technologies and decreasing housing costs through lower monthly energy bills and increased efficiency post-installation.

tax credits for Home Energy Technologies

Families can now benefit from tax credits that save up to 30% on home energy technologies such as heat pumps, rooftop solar, and energy efficiency improvements like insulation. These enhanced tax credits were first made available on Tax Day in April, allowing families to make significant savings:

  • An efficient electric heat pump installation can lead to a tax credit of up to $2,000, saving an average of $500 annually on energy bills.
  • Energy efficiency improvements like doors, windows, a home energy audit, and new insulation can garner tax credits of up to $500, $600, $150, and 30% off the installation cost respectively, totaling up to $1,200 per year.
  • Installation of rooftop solar, geothermal, or battery storage can result in a tax credit of up to 30% of the installation cost, saving Americans an average of $7,500 on installation and nearly $400 annually on energy bills.

Home Energy Rebate Programs

Several states are expected to launch home energy rebate programs funded by the Inflation Reduction Act this summer. These programs will assist low- and middle-income families in purchasing and installing cost-saving electric appliances and making energy efficiency enhancements to reduce home energy bills. These rebates can be combined with existing tax credits to further decrease costs for American families.

State Progress Tracking

Fourteen states have submitted applications to the Department of Energy for their rebate programs, with New York’s application already approved. You can monitor your state’s progress in setting up its rebate program here.

Consumer Education and Outreach Efforts

The Biden-Harris Administration is actively engaging federal partners, nonprofits, consumer lending organizations, and philanthropies to drive consumer education and outreach efforts regarding the Inflation Reduction Act‘s consumer home energy savings tax credits and rebates. This collaboration aims to bridge financing gaps for low- and middle-income families, ensuring they can afford to install cost-saving clean energy technologies at home.

Availability of Resources

New federal resources about the Inflation Reduction Act home energy programs are now accessible to consumers, local officials, and advocates. Nonprofit organizations are also committing to expanding their outreach and financing efforts to promote these programs.

Challenges and Opposition

Despite the support from a majority of Americans for these cost-saving programs, Congressional Republicans are persistently opposing and fighting to repeal these provisions. President Biden remains resolute in safeguarding these critical programs, which are instrumental in cutting costs for American families and safeguarding the environment for present and future generations.

Republican Opposition

Republican plans pose a threat to working families by increasing costs in various areas, including healthcare, energy, taxes, and housing. The Biden-Harris Administration is focused on countering these challenges and ensuring access to clean energy for all American families.

Expanding Outreach and Financing Efforts

New Initiatives and Collaborations

Several nonprofits, universities, and community organizations are launching new and expanded efforts to reach consumers nationwide regarding the Inflation Reduction Act‘s consumer home energy programs. These initiatives aim to educate and empower consumers to benefit from the available tax credits and rebates.

By working together and leveraging these resources, American families can access clean energy technologies, reduce costs, and contribute to a sustainable future for all.

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