Scientists say that men tend to gain weight after marriage due to increased eating and decreased exercise

### Study Confirms Marriage’s Effect on Men’s BMI Scores

A recent study conducted in China has found that marriage has a significant effect on the Body Mass Index (BMI) scores of men. Researchers discovered that men tend to gain weight in the first five years after getting married, primarily due to consuming more calories and exercising less. This phenomenon, often referred to as “happy fat,” has been observed in numerous cohort studies conducted in developed Western countries.

### Gender Disparities in BMI Trends After Marriage

The study revealed that an additional 5.2 percent of men become overweight after marriage, with obesity rates increasing by 2.5 percent. In contrast, there was no clear trend observed for female BMI scores following marriage. The researchers emphasized the importance of maintaining healthy eating habits and regular exercise to prevent obesity among men as they age.

### Implications for Public Health Policies

The findings underscore the significance of promoting physical fitness and health management within families. The researchers suggested that health authorities should target newlyweds with dietary advice and consider marriage as an “intervention window” for addressing individuals’ weight management needs. They recommended the development of “post-marriage body management plans” for both genders to support healthy lifestyle choices.

### Relationship Satisfaction and Obesity

Previous studies have indicated that individuals who are more satisfied with their intimate relationships are more likely to be obese. This correlation between relationship satisfaction and obesity highlights the complex interplay between emotional well-being and physical health. Additionally, a separate study conducted in New Zealand found that exposure to the scent of a woman may lead to premature aging and increased mortality in middle-aged male mice.

The study’s findings shed light on the impact of marriage on men’s BMI scores and the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits after tying the knot. By addressing weight management needs early on and promoting physical fitness within families, individuals can mitigate the risks associated with obesity and lead healthier lives.

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