Sharron Davies, a Swimming Legend, Can Still Outperform Her Rugby Player Son in Core Exercises at Age 61

### Olympic Silver Medalist Sharron Davies Still Going Strong at 61

Olympic silver medalist swimmer Sharron Davies, at the age of 61 and with nine knee surgeries behind her, is proving that age is just a number. Despite her challenges, she can still do 40 press ups and beat her children in core exercises.

### A Lifetime of Fitness and Competition

Davies, who participated in the Montreal Olympic Games at the age of 11, retired in 1994 after setting over 200 British records. Fitness has always been a significant part of her life, even as she ages. She goes to the gym four times a week, cycles, and walks regularly, emphasizing that exercise is a fundamental part of her identity.

### Overcoming Knee Troubles with Arthrosamid

Dealing with persistent knee problems for years, including multiple surgeries and a diagnosis of grade four osteoarthritis, Davies underwent a treatment called Arthrosamid in September 2022. This treatment provided her with significant pain relief and improved mobility without the need for downtime or additional injections.

### Resilience Through Adversity

Despite facing numerous injuries and operations throughout her career, Davies remains resilient and committed to her fitness. She attributes her ability to bounce back from injuries to her dedication to maintaining muscle strength and mobility through regular exercise.

### Looking Ahead

As she approaches the need for a full knee replacement, Davies remains optimistic and focused on maintaining her overall health and fitness. She acknowledges the challenges of aging but emphasizes the importance of exercise, positive mental attitude, and muscle mass in staying healthy as one gets older.

### Embracing a Positive Mindset

With a positive outlook on life and a belief in maintaining a “cup half full” mentality, Davies continues to inspire others with her resilience and determination. Despite the obstacles she has faced, she remains committed to living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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