Social media influencer arrested in Irvine on Jan. 6 for involvement in Capitol riot.

Recent Arrest in Irvine, California

Amid ongoing investigations into the events of January 6, a Southern California woman, Isabella M. DeLuca, was recently arrested in Irvine. The charges against her include theft of government property, entering a restricted area, and disorderly conduct.

Background of Isabella M. DeLuca

DeLuca, known as a conservative social media influencer, gained attention for documenting her trip to Washington D.C. in January 2021. Allegedly, she entered the Capitol through a broken window and assisted in removing a table from the building.

Allegations and Evidence

According to federal documents, after DeLuca lifted the table, other rioters dismantled it and used the pieces to attack law enforcement officials. Despite initially denying entry into the Capitol during an FBI interview, evidence from her social media accounts, including deleted posts, contradicted her statements.

The FBI obtained surveillance images and messages from her accounts detailing her involvement in the riot, including encounters with law enforcement. These findings led to her arrest.

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