Source claims Vegas shooter in UNLV shooting was a professor who recently sought employment

Deadly Shooting at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Deadly Shooting at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Terrifying Attack Sends Shockwaves Through Campus

In a horrific incident that left students and professors terrified, a gunman went on a shooting spree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, resulting in the deaths of three individuals and critical injuries to another. The shooter, identified as Anthony Polito, was a former professor who had sought employment at the university, but was unsuccessful in his endeavor.

Authorities Investigate the Incident

Law enforcement officials conducted a search of Polito’s apartment in Henderson, Nevada, as part of their investigation into the attack. They retrieved electronic devices, including Polito’s cellphone, which may provide crucial information about the motive behind the shooting. Authorities have not yet released the identities of the victims or the details of the weapon used.

Lessons Learned from Tragedy

The attack at UNLV marks the deadliest shooting in the city since the October 2017 massacre at the Mandalay Bay casino. However, the lessons learned from that tragic event helped law enforcement authorities respond more effectively to the UNLV shooting. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Kevin McMahill praised the seamless coordination between agencies in reacting to the incident.

Gunman’s Rampage Ends in Shootout

The shooting began on the fourth floor of the UNLV Lee Business School building and then continued on other floors. The situation finally came to an end when Polito engaged in a shootout with two university police detectives outside the building. Their swift response and actions prevented further loss of life.

Avoiding Further Casualties

UNLV Police Chief Adam Garcia commended the actions of law enforcement, stating that if they hadn’t neutralized the shooter, countless additional lives could have been lost. The safety of students and faculty is a top priority, and no one should have to fear pursuing their dreams on a college campus.

Students Recall Moments of Fear

Survivors of the shooting described the harrowing moments of fear and confusion they experienced. Professor Kevaney Martin, who took cover in her classroom with fellow faculty and students, expressed her terror, vowing to never endure such emotions again. Students like Jordan Eckermann and Selena Guevara recounted their terrifying experiences of hearing gunshots and witnessing panic unfold.

Campus Community Stunned

The campus community was left in shock and disbelief after the incident. Students, faculty, and staff were evacuated from the building, many seeking solace and support at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The aftermath of the shooting left everyone in a state of utter shock and silence.

Classes Cancelled and Sporting Event Abandoned

As a result of the shooting, classes at UNLV were cancelled until further notice. Additionally, the university’s basketball game against the University of Dayton in Ohio was called off. The campus needed time to heal and recover from this tragedy.

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