State Media Reports Dozens Killed in Istanbul Nightclub Fire During Renovation Work

Tragic Fire Incident in Istanbul Claims 29 Lives


A devastating fire broke out during daytime repair work at a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 29 lives, according to state media reports.

Details of the Incident

The Istanbul governor’s office confirmed that eight individuals sustained injuries, with seven in critical condition due to the fire at the Masquerade Club in the Besiktas district.

Authorities revealed that the blaze originated during renovation work at the underground location of the nightclub in central Istanbul.

The fire started on Gonenoglu Street in the Gayrettepe neighborhood, causing significant damage to the 16-story building where the nightclub is situated.

Investigation and Detentions

Turkish authorities have taken eight individuals into custody, including the nightclub’s management and renovation personnel, to facilitate the investigation into the tragic incident.

Justice Minister Yilmaz Tunc confirmed that evidence collection at the site is ongoing to determine the cause of the fire.

Specialist teams are meticulously investigating the incident to ascertain the exact factors that led to the tragic fire.

Condolences and Political Impact

Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu expressed his heartfelt condolences on social media to the families of the victims of the catastrophic fire.

Imamoglu, from the opposition Republic People’s Party (CHP), was re-elected in the recent local elections, marking a significant political shift in Turkey.

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