Strong odor prompts evacuation of Frontier Airlines flight in Charlotte

Frontier Airlines Flight Evacuated Due to Strong Smell

What Happened

A Frontier Airlines flight bound for Orlando had to be evacuated in Charlotte because of a potent odor, with over 200 passengers aboard.

Evacuation Details

As Flight 1759 was boarding in Charlotte, a noticeable smell permeated the aircraft. The captain, taking precaution, directed an evacuation as passengers noticed the strong odor.

Passenger Safety

After the evacuation notice, all 226 passengers were safely escorted off the plane using both the jet bridge and evacuation slides. Fortunately, everyone was accommodated on alternative flights. However, one individual did sustain a minor injury while sliding down.

Investigation Ongoing

Frontier Airlines stated that the cause of the odor remains a mystery as there were no signs of smoke or fire. The airline expressed regret for any inconvenience caused to passengers and assured a thorough investigation into the incident.

Additional Information

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