The Cleveland Guardians reveal new City Connect uniforms

Introducing the Cleveland Guardians’ City Connect Uniforms

When Josh Naylor first laid eyes on the Guardians’ City Connect uniforms, his immediate reaction was to inquire if the team could wear them for every home game, showcasing his enthusiasm for the new look.

Official Unveiling of the New Uniforms

The Guardians’ City Connect uniforms were met with great excitement in Cleveland’s clubhouse. Fans can now purchase their own City Connect merchandise, officially launched as part of the 2024 Nike MLB City Connect Collection.

Celebrating Cleveland’s Heritage

These new uniforms pay homage to Cleveland’s deep-rooted history, culture, and spirit, specifically honoring the Guardians of Traffic statues on the Hope Memorial Bridge.

Design and Symbolism

The uniforms feature “CLE” across the chest, symbolizing how Clevelanders wear the pride of their city with honor. The color scheme and design elements draw inspiration from the city’s history and landmarks.

Art-Deco Style and Historical References

The intricate design elements of the uniforms reflect Cleveland’s history as a ballclub, incorporating details that nod to the team’s past successes and iconic landmarks.

Guardians’ City Connect Series

The Guardians are one of nine clubs participating in the 2024 City Connect series, with the uniforms set to be worn at least every Friday home game for the next three seasons.

City Connect Celebration

Join the Guardians for a special pregame party on the Gateway Plaza to kick off the City Connect celebration. Enjoy live music, interactive activities, and a City Connect-inspired mural by local artist Lisa Quine.

Future City Connect Promotions

For fans looking to collect City Connect-themed giveaways, mark your calendars for upcoming promotions featuring free shirts, bobbleheads, tote bags, beach towels, belt bags, and flags.

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