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### Ben Mankiewicz’s Downfall

Ben Mankiewicz, the host of Turner Classic Movies, has long been admired for his handsome, urbane, and authoritative presence. However, a recent change in his appearance has left many fans shocked and disappointed. Mankiewicz was seen introducing a movie without his signature necktie, opting for an open-collared look instead. This departure from his usual style has raised eyebrows and sparked a debate on the importance of the necktie in men’s fashion.

### The Debate on Dress Shirts Without Ties

The traditional dress shirt, designed to be worn with a necktie, may lose its elegance and sophistication when worn without one. Many argue that men look incomplete and less polished without a tie, especially as they age. The necktie, while considered by some to be a useless accessory, has long been a symbol of masculinity and refinement. Its absence in modern fashion trends has led to a decline in the appreciation of fine silk ties and intricate patterns.

### The Decline of Traditional Neckwear

Luxury brands like Hermes, Liberty, and Brioni, known for their exquisite ties, are facing challenges in a world where open-necked shirts have become the norm. The once cherished tradition of giving and receiving ties as gifts on special occasions is fading away. The power and significance of the necktie, once compared to alchemy in transforming one’s appearance, are now being overshadowed by casual dress codes and changing fashion trends.

### A Call for the Return of Neckwear

While some establishments still uphold dress codes that require ties, the overall trend towards more casual attire has put traditional neckwear at risk. The hope for a revival of accessories like cravats and ascots is shared by those who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating these adornments. The nostalgia for a time when men took pride in their neckwear is evident in the desire to see a return to more formal and refined fashion choices.

In conclusion, the debate over the importance of the necktie in men’s fashion continues to evolve as societal norms and trends shift. While some mourn the decline of traditional neckwear, others embrace a more relaxed approach to dressing. The future of the necktie remains uncertain, but its legacy as a symbol of elegance and sophistication endures in the minds of those who appreciate its timeless appeal.

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