The Gaza food killings: A look at how events unfolded and Israel’s evolving narrative | Gaza-Israel conflict updates

Tragedy Unfolds in Gaza as Palestinian Civilians Face Fatal Assault While Waiting for Aid

The Incident

At least 112 Palestinians have been killed and over 750 wounded as Israeli troops opened fire on a crowd waiting for food aid southwest of Gaza City. The tragic event occurred around 04:30 local time as aid trucks carrying essential supplies were expected to arrive at Harun al-Rashid Street in Gaza.

Location and Context

The shooting took place on al-Rashid Street at the Nabulsi Roundabout on the southwestern side of Gaza City. This area has been facing food shortages, with the first deliveries in over a month arriving just days before the incident.

Witness Accounts

Palestinian witnesses described the event as a massacre, with Israeli forces firing upon civilians who were in desperate need of food aid. Eyewitnesses reported feeling trapped as they were shot at while approaching aid trucks, leading to chaos and casualties.

Israeli Response

The Israeli military initially attributed the deaths to a stampede caused by the crowd, but later claimed that their troops felt threatened and responded by opening fire. However, witnesses maintain that the stampede occurred only after the Israeli forces started shooting at civilians seeking assistance.

Challenges with Aid Delivery

Since the conflict began, aid agencies have faced delays in delivering essential supplies to Gaza. The World Food Programme (WFP) highlighted the precarious conditions its staff encountered, including violence, looting, and delays at checkpoints, making it difficult to reach those in need.

International Reactions

The international community has condemned the attack, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denouncing it as an “ugly massacre”. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for urgent help for civilians in Gaza, emphasizing the critical need for aid in the region.

Amidst global outcry, the US government sought answers from Israel, while other nations like Jordan and Saudi Arabia demanded accountability and respect for international humanitarian law. President Gustavo Petro of Colombia took a bold stance by suspending weapons purchases from Israel in response to the tragic event.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron expressed strong condemnation for the incident, reflecting the widespread shock and outrage sparked by the loss of innocent lives in Gaza.

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