The University of the Arts in Philadelphia unexpectedly shuts down

The University of the Arts in Philadelphia to Close

The University of the Arts in Philadelphia is set to permanently close its doors on June 7, after nearly 150 years of operation. This decision was communicated by President Kerry Walk in a letter obtained by Action News.

Accreditation Withdrawn and Financial Challenges

The closure announcement was expedited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education withdrawing UArts’ accreditation before the institution could inform its stakeholders. This move was a result of the university failing to follow the proper protocols in notifying the commission of its decision to shut down.

President Walk cited financial challenges and declining enrollment as significant factors leading to the closure. Despite efforts to address these issues, UArts was unable to overcome the sudden cash flow crisis it faced.

Impact on Students and Staff

The news of the closure has left students, faculty, and staff reeling, with many expressing shock and uncertainty about their future educational and employment prospects. The university’s website indicates that approximately 1,300 students and 77 full-time faculty members were affected by this decision.

Ev Dowling, a senior student, lamented the situation, highlighting the impact on both academic and employment opportunities for those associated with the university.

Support for Current Students

In light of the closure, UArts is committed to assisting current students in transitioning to alternative educational institutions seamlessly. Transfer pathways to partner schools like Temple University, Drexel University, and Moore College of Art and Design are being developed to facilitate this process.

Upcoming Town Hall Meeting

On June 3, a town hall meeting will be held for students, faculty, and staff to address questions and concerns regarding the closure. Details about the meeting times and agenda will be communicated over the weekend to ensure all stakeholders are informed.

A Heartfelt Closure

In a heartfelt letter from President Kerry Walk and Chair of the Board of Trustees Judson Aaron, the university expresses deep sadness over the closure. Despite efforts to secure financial sustainability, UArts faced insurmountable challenges that ultimately led to its closure. The community is encouraged to support each other during this difficult time.

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