Trial begins for three Americans accused of involvement in coup attempt in Congo

Three Americans Stand Trial in Congo Military Court

Recently, three Americans were implicated in a coup attempt in Congo and faced trial in a military court in Kinshasa. The failed coup, orchestrated by Christian Malanga, resulted in six fatalities and was aimed at the presidential palace and an ally of President Felix Tshisekedi.

Charges and Proceedings

The accused individuals, including Malanga’s son Marcel and Tyler Thompson Jr., are facing serious charges such as terrorism, murder, and criminal association. Marcel Malanga requested an interpreter during the proceedings, as did Thompson, who appeared nervous and unsure about the situation.

Despite facing language barriers and translation issues, the trial continued with Marcel expressing frustration at the lack of proper interpretation. Thompson, who was unaware of the true intentions behind the trip, was accompanied by Malanga for what he believed to be a vacation to Africa.

Family Concerns and Legal Support

Thompson’s stepmother, Miranda, revealed that the family was unaware of the situation until the trial. The families of the accused Americans are now crowdfunding for legal expenses to attend future court dates.

Both families maintain their sons’ innocence and express concerns about their well-being, especially considering Marcel’s health condition. The trial is ongoing, with the defendants scheduled to appear again next Friday.

Additional Individuals on Trial

Benjamin Reuben Zalman-Polun, a third American involved, has a history with Malanga through a gold mining company in Mozambique. Another individual, Jean-Jacques Wondo, appeared in court, with unclear evidence against him.

Human Rights Watch has called for credible charges against the detainees, emphasizing that arrests based on outdated connections are not substantial grounds for detention.

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