Trump inquires about the location of Nikki Haley’s husband, currently deployed abroad

Former President Donald Trump Takes Aim at Nikki Haley’s Husband During Rally

CONWAY, South Carolina — At a rally on Saturday afternoon, former President Donald Trump directed an attack at Nikki Haley’s husband, who is currently deployed overseas in the military. Trump questioned the husband’s whereabouts, making reference to Haley meeting him at Mar-a-Lago.

Challenging Haley’s Loyalty

While recounting Haley’s visit to his residence, Trump raised provocative questions to the enthusiastic crowd about her husband’s absence. He wondered aloud about what had happened to him, emphasizing that he was aware of something. Haley, in response, expressed pride in her husband’s service and criticized Trump’s remarks at a rally in Gilbert, South Carolina.

Defending Her Husband’s Service

Haley defended her husband’s deployment and took a direct shot at Trump, stating that anyone who disrespects military families should not be considered for the presidency. She challenged Trump to confront her directly on a debate stage rather than talking behind her back.

Twitter Exchange

Haley also used Twitter to respond to Trump’s comments, highlighting her husband’s dedication to serving the country. She emphasized that Trump had no knowledge of military sacrifices and should not be the commander-in-chief.

Michael Haley’s Response

Michael Haley, Nikki’s husband, also responded to Trump’s attack on Twitter. He shared a meme questioning the intelligence of those who lead, indirectly referring to Trump’s leadership.

Deployment and Marriage

Michael Haley, a commissioned officer, has been deployed with the South Carolina National Guard in Africa since June of last year. His deployment has been a prominent aspect of Nikki Haley’s campaign events, highlighting her family’s commitment to service.

Rumors and Accusations

In a previous speech, Trump insinuated that if Nikki Haley were to lead in the GOP primary, Democrats would accuse her of having an affair. He suggested that she would face legal trouble, although he did not provide any evidence.

Haley’s Aggressive Stance

Nikki Haley has escalated her criticism of Trump since the primary shifted its focus to South Carolina. Her campaign even deployed a mobile billboard featuring photos of Trump and Biden as “Grumpy Old Men” to make a statement at Trump’s rally.

New Leadership Needed

During the unveiling of her campaign bus in Newberry, South Carolina, Haley spoke about the need for new generational leaders. She emphasized that both Biden and Trump were stuck in their old ways and that the country could do better.


Despite Haley’s efforts, Trump remains the frontrunner in the South Carolina primary, polling well above her.

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