Trump Takes the Offensive in Iowa on Jan. 6 Anniversary for the 2024 Campaign

The Dark Shadow of the U.S. Capitol Assault Lingers Over Iowa Caucuses

Jonathan Weisman

By Jonathan Weisman


As the Iowa caucuses draw near, the weight of the assault on the U.S. Capitol three years ago continues to cast a dark shadow over the nation’s politics.

The Republican Candidates and the Lingering Impact of Jan. 6

Today, the Republican presidential hopefuls, including former President Donald J. Trump, will be in Iowa. However, regardless of whether the candidates address it or not, the events of Jan. 6, 2021, will undoubtedly influence their campaigns.

Trump’s Unrepentant Attitude and the Struggle of His Opponents

Far from showing remorse, Mr. Trump, who is accused of instigating the attack, continues to propagate conspiracy theories about its origins. Meanwhile, his opponents vying for the Republican nomination find it challenging to broach the topic with the electorate.

President Biden’s Gripping Speech and the Future of Democracy

In contrast, President Biden commemorated the anniversary by delivering a powerful speech that centered on the future of democracy. He labeled Mr. Trump a “loser” for failing to accept his defeat in 2020 and urged voters to rise above division to safeguard freedom and pluralism.

Trump’s Dismissive Remarks and His Distorted Perspective

During his campaign event in Sioux Center, Iowa, Mr. Trump trivialized the issue. He made light of the allegations against him, sarcastically asking if anyone present wouldn’t vote for him, cautioning them not to raise their hands due to the supposed danger. He referred to the incarcerated rioters as “J6 hostages” and claimed they have been treated worse than anyone in history.

Traditional Politics Amidst the Democracy Debate

Despite the weighty discussions concerning democracy, this weekend will also see politics unfolding in more traditional ways. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, eager for an improbable victory or a strong second-place finish in Iowa, has become more willing to criticize Mr. Trump. He has planned four events in Eastern Iowa for Saturday.

Trump’s Target: Nikki Haley

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump, observing the rising popularity of his former United Nations ambassador, Nikki Haley, has begun belittling her in his characteristic manner. He asks his followers if they are enjoying her recent quips and gaffes and asserts that she lacks what it takes. He will be campaigning in Newton and Clinton, Iowa.

Campaigning Efforts in Iowa

Vivek Ramaswamy, who lags behind in the polls, will maintain his intense campaign schedule with five events across the Hawkeye State, from Davenport to Cedar Rapids. Ms. Haley, with ground to make up in Iowa following her comments about New Hampshire voters “correcting” the Iowa caucuses results, will visit Indianola, North Liberty, and Bettendorf, Iowa.

The Official Start of the Campaign

With the Iowa caucuses on the horizon, it is evident that the campaign season is now in full swing.

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