Trump’s Plan for a Comeback: Pardons, Payments, and Revenge

Trumpism: A Form of Fascism and Its Impact on America

The Undiscussed Crisis

The mainstream news media and political class often fail to address one of the most significant aspects of the democracy crisis in America – the rise of Trumpism and its resemblance to fascism. Trumpism, like other forms of fascism, can be seen as a form of crime in the realm of politics. It is crucial for the American people to understand the implications of this “legal” crime and how it will negatively impact the country.

Fascism and a Corrupt Power

Fascism, at its core, represents a corrupt form of power that goes unchecked by the law, institutions, or the public’s oversight. Donald Trump‘s repeated threats of violence and intimidation towards various individuals and institutions exemplify this antisocial and pathological behavior. His followers support him because he is willing to break the rules to achieve their desired outcomes, while seeking revenge against those they perceive as enemies.

Ruling by Crime

In the event that Trump, his MAGA followers, and Republican fascists take power, the American government and society will be under the rule of a de facto crime family and an elevated street gang. The hierarchical structure of the Trump MAGA organization, along with its significant funding and extensive influence, mirrors that of a powerful criminal organization. Republican leaders demonstrate unwavering loyalty to Trump, prioritizing his orders above party and country.

Bending and Breaking the Law

The Republican Party and conservative movement have repeatedly shown their willingness to bend and break the law to serve Trump and the MAGA movement. Similar to traditional criminal organizations, Trump and his agents leverage their power to enrich themselves, engage in extortion, and dispense favors to those who demonstrate loyalty. This corruption will inevitably trickle down and impact American society as a whole.

A State of Permanent Emergency

Donald Trump’s ultimate goal is to establish a state of permanent emergency, where he holds absolute power above the law. In doing so, he seeks to change existing laws to enable his own actions and secure fealty from those around him. The consequences of such unchecked power will be severe, as history has shown with other dictators.

Implications for America

If Trump were to regain power, the country would experience a continuation of his corrupt practices and a lack of accountability. As Trump leads in the polls, his recent statements and actions demonstrate a clear intention to assume the role of a de facto crime lord. He supports prosecuting those who defended democracy during the Capitol attack and attempts to rewrite history to protect his followers. This Orwellian rewriting of events is a dangerous path towards authoritarianism.

Protecting Criminals and Undermining the Rule of Law

Authoritarianism thrives on the ability to commit crimes without consequences. Speaker Mike Johnson and other Republican followers are blurring the faces of the perpetrators of the Capitol attack, allowing them to evade justice. Protecting criminals and justifying their actions as patriotic undermines the rule of law and paves the way for further abuses of power.

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