Two police officers shot and wounded in Missouri Independence shooting

Tragic Incident in Independence, Missouri

Tragic Incident Unfolds in Independence, Missouri

Details of the Incident

On Thursday in Independence, Missouri, a court employee and a police officer lost their lives in a devastating incident. The tragedy occurred as the court process server attempted to serve an eviction notice at a residence in the area. A second officer was critically injured but is expected to recover.

Police Response to the Situation

Independence Police Chief Adam Dustman revealed that two police officers were responding to assist Drexel Mack, the individual serving the eviction notice, when they were met with gunfire. The officers had arrived at the scene following a distress call from Mack.

Loss of Officer Cody Allen

During a news conference, Dustman announced the heartbreaking loss of Officer Cody Allen, aged 35. He also mentioned that a second officer, who underwent surgery, is on the path to recovery. Another officer sustained minor injuries in the incident, painting a picture of grief within the police department.

Suspect in Custody

A suspect in the shooting is currently under custody with minor injuries, according to Corporal Justin Ewing of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The investigation is being led by the Missouri State Highway Patrol to uncover the events leading up to the tragic shootings.

Community Response

The community is reeling from the loss of the court employee, identified as Drexel Mack, who had dedicated over a decade of service to Jackson County. Presiding Judge Jalilah Otto expressed devastation over the incident, sending thoughts to the affected families and the Independence Police Department.

Aftermath and Tributes

Following the incident, a somber procession took place outside the hospital as officers paid their respects to the fallen individuals. The area of the incident, situated in the midst of woods and farmland, was surrounded by emergency vehicles, showcasing the gravity of the situation.

About Independence, Missouri

Independence, a suburb of Kansas City with a population of approximately 122,000 residents, was shaken by this unforeseen tragedy.

Contributors to the Story

Contributions to this coverage were made by Associated Press reporters Lisa Baumann, Josh Funk, and Steve Karnowski.

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