Two Recipes to Honor Jewish American Heritage Month

### Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month with Chef Michael Solomonov

This week, as Jewish American Heritage Month comes to a close, chef Michael Solomonov is teaming up with the TODAY Food team to showcase two of his favorite seasonal recipes that highlight Jewish ingredients and cooking techniques. Solomonov demonstrates how to create pomegranate-glazed salmon with spring vegetables and crispy zucchini schnitzel.

#### Pomegranate-Glazed Salmon with Spring Veggies
The pomegranate-glazed salmon dish offers a versatile array of vegetables that can be paired with the fish. This recipe is not only naturally gluten-free but also ideal for pescatarians. Additionally, being a one-pan meal, it ensures easy cleanup.

#### Crispy Zucchini Schnitzel
For those looking for a unique twist, the crispy zucchini schnitzel recipe features fresh, thick slices of summer squash that provide a delightfully crispy texture. It can be served hot in pitas with avocado, tomato, and za’atar or as a platter with yellow rice, chopped salad, and herbed tehina.

### More Middle Eastern Inspired Recipes
If you enjoyed these Middle Eastern dishes by Chef Michael Solomonov, be sure to check out these additional recipes:
– [Chicken Kataifi Schnitzel with Schug Tehina](
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Celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Jewish Americans and explore these flavorful recipes with a Middle Eastern twist, courtesy of Chef Michael Solomonov.

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