Tyler’s Hamptons Collaborate with Chico’s for Annual Fashion Show

### Annual Fashion Show at The Hamptons of Tyler
Since 2017, The Hamptons of Tyler and Chico’s have been collaborating to host a stylish fashion show, and they did it again in 2024. Earlier today, the senior living facility and clothing retailer came together to put on their annual fashion show, showcasing the seniors strutting their stuff down the runway.

### Inclusive Event for Family and Friends
For the past few years, this dynamic duo has been organizing this fashion show at The Hamptons of Tyler Senior Living Facility, inviting all family and friends to witness the event. Chico’s has generously provided each model with the latest fashion pieces to walk the runway, while The Hamptons has ensured that everyone can enjoy delicious food, exciting prizes, and an amazing atmosphere.

### Promoting Inclusivity and Fashion
The primary goal of this fashion show is to create a sense of inclusivity, making sure that everyone feels welcome and involved. The event aims to make the fashionistas feel amazing as they showcase the latest trends and styles. It is a wonderful opportunity for the seniors to shine and feel confident in their runway debut.

### Bringing Joy and Style to Seniors
By providing a platform for seniors to showcase their style and confidence, The Hamptons of Tyler and Chico’s are bringing joy and excitement to the residents. The annual fashion show has become a highly anticipated event, bringing together the community and celebrating the beauty of aging gracefully.

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