U.S. Sen. Bob Casey visits Reading to advocate for prescription drug savings among senior citizens

How the <a href="https://www.irs.gov/inflation-reduction-act-of-2022">Inflation Reduction Act</a> is Helping Seniors with Prescription Drug Costs

How the Inflation Reduction Act is Helping Seniors with Prescription Drug Costs

Financial Relief for Insulin Users

Juan Rivera, a 62-year-old resident of Reading, was diagnosed with diabetes almost 20 years ago, requiring him to inject insulin three times a day. However, the cost of insulin has been a burden for most of that time, with Rivera spending approximately $300 per month. The federal Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law by President Joe Biden in August 2022, has brought relief to Rivera and millions of other insulin users by capping their monthly insulin costs at $35.

Impactful Legislation

The Inflation Reduction Act, which includes provisions aimed at lowering prescription drug costs for people with Medicare, has already made a significant impact. U.S. Senator Bob Casey, during a visit to the Hispanic Center in Reading, highlighted the positive effects of the act on drug prices and emphasized the importance of sharing stories like Rivera’s to demonstrate its success. Casey believes that real-life testimonies, such as Rivera’s, provide the most compelling evidence of the legislation’s effectiveness.

Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

Casey explained that the Inflation Reduction Act addresses the long-standing issue of high prescription drug prices through various provisions, including:

  • Empowering the federal government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices
  • Requiring drug companies to pay rebates to Medicare if prices rise faster than inflation
  • Capping out-of-pocket spending for Medicare enrollees
  • Limiting monthly costs for insulin to $35 for people with Medicare
  • Ensuring coverage of recommended vaccines at no cost

Immediate Impact

One of the immediate impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act is the cap on insulin prices, which has already benefited more than 80,000 seniors in Pennsylvania. Another significant change will be the limitation of total out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for Medicare patients to $2,000 per year starting in 2025, benefiting 829,000 Pennsylvania seniors. Casey emphasized the importance of reducing the financial burden of prescription drugs for seniors who have contributed so much to society.

Positive Reactions

Michael Berman, Pennsylvania State Director for Protect Our Care, expressed his enthusiasm for the Inflation Reduction Act‘s impact on drug prices. He believes that allowing Medicare to negotiate prices will save hundreds of millions of dollars, which can be redirected to subsidized healthcare for low-income individuals. Michael Toledo, the Hispanic Center’s executive director, commended Casey for his efforts in passing the act, stating that it has significantly reduced the cost of prescription drugs for seniors and improved their quality of life.

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