United Airlines flight veers off runway at Houston airport

United Airlines Flight Incident at Houston Airport

United Airlines Flight Incident at Houston Airport

Flight Incident Details

A Boeing 737 aircraft belonging to United Airlines went off the runway at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. The incident occurred as the plane, carrying 160 passengers and six crew members, was landing after departing from Memphis International Airport.

Passenger Safety

Fortunately, all passengers and crew members were unharmed during the accident. They were able to safely disembark on the taxiway and were then transported to the terminal via buses.

Investigation Underway

The cause of the plane veering off the runway is currently unknown. The Federal Aviation Administration has initiated an investigation into the incident to determine the factors that led to this occurrence.

Flight Operations

Despite the incident, flight operations at the airport remained unaffected, with arrivals and departures proceeding as scheduled without any disruptions.

Recent Airline Incidents

This incident adds to a series of recent mishaps involving United Airlines. From engine malfunctions to technical issues post-landing, the airline has been under scrutiny. In a prior incident, flames were observed shooting out of an engine midflight. Additionally, a separate incident involving “stuck” rudder pedals prompted an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.

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