Video captures ‘Welsh Tidy Mouse’ organizing man’s shed nightly

The Welsh Tidy Mouse: A Nightly Cleanup Crew in Powys, Wales

The Welsh Tidy Mouse: A Nightly Cleanup Crew in Powys, Wales


When the sun goes down, one mouse comes out of hiding. It scurries onto a table inside the shed of 75-year-old Rodney Holbrook, and begins to tidy.

The Beginnings of a Legend

The tale of the Welsh Tidy Mouse began in October when Holbrook discovered that bird food he had stored in his shed was being moved into a pair of shoes. Intrigued, he set up a camera to capture the nocturnal activities. To his surprise, he found a small mouse diligently moving items into a box every night.

A Phenomenon in the Making

Holbrook, an avid wildlife photographer, described the mouse’s behavior as “incredible” and fascinating. He has been capturing footage of the mouse’s cleaning efforts for months. Astonishingly, the mouse doesn’t seem to get tired of its nightly duties, making it a truly remarkable creature.

Other Tidy Mice Around

The Welsh Tidy Mouse is not the first of its kind. In 2019, a mouse in Bristol, England, gained attention for its cleaning habits. This mouse was playfully nicknamed the “Brexit mouse” as a humorous reference to Britain’s exit from the European Union. To avoid confusion between the two mice, Holbrook affectionately named his visitor the “Welsh Tidy Mouse.”

The Inner Workings of a Tidy Mouse

According to Gareth Davies, founder of Pest and Property Solutions, mice, in general, are “miniature hoarders.” They have a natural inclination to collect and hoard various items, making them unique and interesting creatures. This behavior could explain the Welsh Tidy Mouse’s impressive cleaning skills.

A Mouse with a Sense of Humor

Holbrook has his own theories about the mouse’s intentions. He speculates that it might be having fun or perhaps taking pity on him as he recovers from prostate cancer. In jest, Holbrook suggests that the mouse might be thinking, “Poor man, he’s so tired I’ll do it for him.” Regardless of its motives, the mouse’s actions have captured the hearts of many.

A Growing Concern

While Holbrook enjoys the company of the Welsh Tidy Mouse, Davies warns that the situation could escalate due to the mice’s rapid reproduction rate. This raises concerns about a potential infestation. Additionally, there is the risk of the mouse falling prey to predators such as tawny owls.

The Mouse that Stole Hearts

The Welsh Tidy Mouse has garnered admiration on social media, with many expressing their fondness for the organized rodent. Some even envision it as the star of a children’s animation. The mouse has been playfully dubbed “Minnie Kondo” by the British media, in reference to the renowned decluttering expert, Marie Kondo.

A Funny Situation

Holbrook’s wife, Linda, finds the mouse endearing and amusing. However, there is one drawback. She has become too scared to enter the shed due to its newfound resident. Nevertheless, the Welsh Tidy Mouse continues to entertain and captivate all who encounter its extraordinary cleaning abilities.

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