VP Harris faces scrutiny for claiming success of Inflation Reduction Act through government distribution of ‘trillions of dollars’


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Social Media Backlash: Kamala Harris Criticized for Inflation Reduction Act Statement

Public Outcry

Vice President Kamala Harris faced intense scrutiny from social media users for her recent remarks about the Inflation Reduction Act, where she mentioned “trillions of dollars” being spent on American streets.

Harris’ critics found it paradoxical that the legislation she highlighted as a solution to inflation involved massive government spending, potentially exacerbating economic issues.

Journalist and Grabien.com founder Tom Elliott expressed disbelief at Harris’ statement, questioning the irony of her words regarding the 2022 law.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Social media users criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for her “ironic” statement on addressing inflation. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Economic Perspective

During her nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour in Milwaukee, Harris defended the Inflation Reduction Act, claiming it involves significant investments in infrastructure, clean energy, and climate resilience.

Social media users mocked Harris, highlighting the contradiction of combating inflation by injecting trillions of dollars into the economy, potentially fueling inflation further.

Conservative radio host Vince Coglianese sarcastically pointed out the flaw in Harris’ logic, emphasizing the absurdity of dropping trillions to reduce inflation.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross humorously suggested a rebranding of the act as the “Trillions of Dollars on American Streets Act” for better public relations.

Kamala Harris on Economic Opportunity Tour

Vice President Kamala Harris embarks on her Economic Opportunity Tour across the nation. (Leigh Vogel/Abaca/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Critique and Analysis

Professor and conservative columnist David Deavel used satire to highlight the irony in Harris’ statement, drawing parallels to a hypothetical “Pacifism Now Act” leading to widespread bombings.

The economic research institute “Just Facts” countered Harris’ claims, attributing inflation to excessive government spending and quoting former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke on the devaluation of the dollar due to increased circulation.

Columnist Phil Kerpen cynically commented on the supposed logic behind Harris’ “inflation reduction” strategy.

Author: Gabriel Hays, Associate Editor for Fox News Digital.


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