Week 1 CrossFit Games Qualifiers

### Europe Semifinal Winners and Qualifiers

Laura Horvath and Lazar Dukic emerged victorious at the 2024 CrossFit Games Europe Semifinal in Décines-Charpieu, France. Horvath, the 2023 Fittest Woman on Earth, dominated Day 3 with impressive performances, securing her win against a tough field that included last year’s Europe Semifinal champion, Gabi Migala. On the men’s side, Lazar Ðukić from Serbia claimed the overall victory after consistent performances on Day 3, pulling away from his competitors to secure first place. Other notable finishers included Emma Tall from Sweden and Henrik Haapalainen from Finland.

### Say Goodbye to Sunday Meal Prep

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### Training Camp Semifinalists

Several prominent training camps have announced their Semifinal-qualifying athletes, showcasing the depth of talent in the CrossFit community. These athletes have demonstrated their dedication and skill in preparation for the upcoming competitions, highlighting the competitive nature of the sport. Additionally, the Pit Collegiate Throwdown offers a platform for athletes aged 18-22 to showcase their abilities and compete against their peers in a supportive environment.

### Make Every Lift Count

Head Lifting Coach at HWPO Training, Aimee Anaya Everett, emphasizes the importance of intentional warm-ups to prepare the body and mind for effective training. By starting with an empty barbell and gradually building up to working weights, athletes can develop consistent movement patterns and build the positional strength needed for successful lifts. This approach not only improves technique but also enhances performance at higher percentages, leading to greater success in lifting endeavors.

### Asia Semifinal Winners and Qualifiers

Seher Kaya and Ivan Kukartsev emerged as the top athletes at the 2024 CrossFit Games Asia Semifinal by the Far East Throwdown in Busan, South Korea. Kaya, a two-time CrossFit Games athlete from Turkey, and Kukartsev from Russia, showcased their skills and determination to secure their spots at the CrossFit Games this summer. Their performances demonstrated the level of talent and competitiveness present in the Asia Semifinal, setting the stage for an exciting season of CrossFit competition.

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