Westwater Resources reports that graphite buyers are willing to pay a premium for IRA

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Revolutionizing the Battery Industry with Domestic Material

Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain

During a panel discussion at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME)’s ninth Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference, executive chairman Terence Cryan posed a critical question. He inquired whether battery manufacturers and OEMs are willing to invest in IRA-compliant domestic material. The answer, as Cryan proudly announced, is a resounding yes. This affirmation was solidified through an offtake agreement with SK On.

Expanding Operations in Alabama

Westwater is making significant strides by establishing its Kellyton battery-grade graphite processing plant in east-central Alabama. Additionally, the company holds ownership of the Coosa and Bama Mine graphite projects, all located within Alabama.

Strategic Decision-Making

Despite conventional practices, Westwater opted to build the processing plant before the mine. This strategic choice was made to expedite revenue generation and cash flow, showcasing the company’s forward-thinking approach.

Partnerships for Growth

Westwater has secured an offtake agreement with South Korean EV battery manufacturer SK On. This agreement focuses on the supply of coated spherical purified graphite (CSPG) to SK On’s US facilities, aligning with the growing demand for battery materials in the region.

Addressing Market Gaps

Highlighting the absence of domestic battery-grade graphite production in the United States, Cryan emphasized the importance of establishing a North American presence in this critical industry. Westwater aims to disrupt the status quo dominated by Chinese suppliers.

Environmental Responsibility as a Competitive Advantage

Setting itself apart from Chinese industry practices, Westwater prioritizes environmental sustainability. By avoiding the use of hydrofluoric acid in CSPG production, the company appeals to battery manufacturers and OEMs seeking environmentally responsible partners.

Shifting Industry Conversations

While price remains a significant factor in supply chain negotiations, Cryan acknowledged the sincere interest of battery manufacturers and OEMs in environmentally conscious practices. The industry’s focus is gradually shifting towards sustainable solutions.

Competing Through Innovation

Westwater’s entry into the battery-grade graphite market is driven by a commitment to domestic industry development rather than price competition with Chinese counterparts. The company seeks to address critical supply-demand imbalances in the market.

Regulatory Support for Industry Growth

Applauding recent US government initiatives to increase tariffs on Chinese imports, Westwater sees these measures as pivotal in leveling the playing field for US-based natural graphite producers. The regulatory environment is evolving to support domestic industry growth.

Market Insights and Price Trends

Fastmarkets reports that all anode material for lithium-ion batteries currently originates from China, with graphite representing a significant portion of battery composition. Price differentials between Chinese and European graphite markets indicate evolving market dynamics influenced by various factors.

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