What are the plans for Nevada Republicans to commemorate January 6 this year?

Reimagining the Attack on the U.S. Capitol: Impact on Nevada Republicans

Reimagining the Attack on the U.S. Capitol: Impact on Nevada Republicans


Saturday marks three years since the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. One way Nevada Republicans might commemorate the insurrection is by being thankful Sigal Chattah did not win the attorney general’s race in 2022, and the Democrat who did has finally filed criminal charges against Nevada’s fake electors.

The Infiltration Continues

Nevada’s contingent of frauds, along with their cohorts from six other states, were key to the plot that drove the insurrection. These individuals are still burrowed at the center of Nevada Republican politics, undermining the party’s credibility and success.

Convictions for Change

Convictions and their consequences might finally shake their grip on the Nevada State Republican Party. Over the past decade, the party has failed to secure high-profile victories or control of one house of the legislature. The victories of Governor Joe Lombardo and U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei were achieved despite the Nevada State Republican Party, not because of it.

The Unrepentant Leaders

The indicted fake elector, Michael McDonald, who has been the state party’s chair since 2012, shows no remorse for his role in the insurrection. At a recent Trump rally, McDonald deliberately repeated the lie that the 2020 election was rigged, further eroding public trust in Nevada’s elections.

A Predictable Ally

McDonald’s unwavering loyalty to Trump is understandable, given his situational career. However, even McDonald fears the retribution that could come from a Trump-led Justice Department, highlighting the power dynamics within the party.

A Party in Disarray

Within Nevada Republican politics, fake electors hold prominent positions. Jim DeGraffenried serves as the Nevada Republican Party National Committeeman, Jesse Law leads the Clark County Republican Party, and Jim Hindle holds the title of state party vice chair.

Potted Plant Leadership

Governor Lombardo, as the head of the state party, has failed to denounce the indicted fake electors. He has chosen to normalize and endorse their actions, prioritizing loyalty to the national party and Trump over the integrity of Nevada’s elections.

Calculated Cowardice

Similarly, U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei has shown evasive calculated cowardice regarding the insurrection. He avoids confronting Trump directly while accepting him by default, hoping to maintain his political standing within the party.

Facing the Implications

Nevada Republicans have an opportunity to reflect on the severity of the threat to democracy and the rights of Nevadans posed by Trump. It would be a significant step if they admitted that this threat outweighs their dislikes for Biden administration policies.

Ignoring the Reality

Alternatively, Nevada Republicans could continue their disregard for democracy and celebrate their disdain for the Biden administration. This would align with the top policy priority of today’s Republican Party, but it would further erode public trust in their commitment to democracy.

The Future of Nevada Republicans

Ultimately, Nevada Republicans will likely continue down the same path they’ve been on since the insurrection. They will downplay the severity of the attack and complain about the attention it receives, reflecting their general distaste for democracy.

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