A Defendant in Jan. 6 Case Appeals to the Son Responsible for Reporting Him

The Truth Behind the Push: A Tale of Jan. 6

As A.J. and Brian sat across from each other at the kitchen table in Wisconsin, one thing was clear: the push on Jan. 6 lingered heavily in their minds.

A Desperate Attempt to Explain

Brian, desperate to make A.J. understand, played a series of videos on his computer. These videos showcased the chaos and tension of Jan. 6. Shots fired by police officers into the crowd, an older woman in an American flag sweatshirt being pepper-sprayed and pushed back by an officer – Brian wanted A.J. to see the anger and frustration that permeated the atmosphere.

Then, he played another video, a crucial moment caught on camera at 2:34 p.m. It showed Brian, seconds before he pushed Karlsen’s riot shield. Karlsen claimed he was retreating, with debris underfoot, when Brian pushed him. In court, Karlsen insisted it was a spontaneous act of aggression. However, Brian had a different story for A.J.: he believed Karlsen threatened to shoot him, and in that split second, Brian saw danger in Karlsen’s eyes.

The Search for Truth

Brian asked A.J. to listen closely to the video, hoping A.J. would hear Karlsen utter the words, “Or I’ll shoot.” But amidst the chaotic roar of the crowd, A.J. could only hear a muffled echo. Brian played the video again and again, desperately seeking validation.

However, A.J., while acknowledging his father’s sincerity and love for his country and family, couldn’t ignore the importance of truth and accountability. He believed in distinguishing between right and wrong, reality and imagination.

A Moment of Understanding

In their search for reconciliation, A.J. admitted, “I understand why you were found guilty of the push.” Brian nodded, accepting the reality of his actions. For a brief moment, father and son found common ground.

Audio produced by Adrienne Hurst.

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