AFP Criticizes Rep Lee and Senator Rosen for Backing the Inflation Reduction Act

Americans for Prosperity Launches Ads Criticizing Rep. Susie Lee and Senator Jackie Rosen


Americans for Prosperity has initiated a new ad campaign targeting Rep. Susie Lee and Senator Jackie Rosen for their support of Bidenomics. The campaign sheds light on how their endorsement of the Inflation Reduction Act has resulted in an additional financial burden of approximately $28,000 per year for Nevadans. This surge in expenses is attributed to a 40-year high inflation and elevated prices triggered by extensive government expenditures.

Legislation Overview

The $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act, championed by Lee and Rosen, received approval from both legislative chambers in August 2022. Despite warnings from 230 economists who accurately predicted that the legislation would not alleviate inflation and could exacerbate the situation, Democrats proceeded with the bill.

Impact on Nevadans

Analysis by the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation indicated that working families would face a more challenging financial situation following the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act. In just two years, household expenses in Nevada have tripled, with the state experiencing a staggering inflation rate of 21.6 percent in March.

Recent Developments

Recent reports from The Globe highlighted the financial strain on Nevadan households, attributing over $13,000 in additional expenses per household to “Bidenomics.” Governor Joe Lombardo of Nevada criticized the federal government’s spending practices, emphasizing the urgent need to address inflation and housing shortages in the state.

Call for Action

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing a 3.5 percent spike in consumer prices in March, indicating an unsustainable trend. Governor Lombardo urged the Biden administration to curb excessive federal spending to prevent further inflationary consequences.

Taxation Concerns

Prior to the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, Democrats hinted at raising taxes on individuals and businesses if they retained control of Congress. President Biden’s proposed tax hikes, coupled with stagnant wages since taking office, have heightened financial pressures on American households.


In light of the economic challenges brought about by the Inflation Reduction Act and government spending, it is imperative for policymakers to prioritize sustainable fiscal policies that safeguard the financial well-being of all Americans.

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