Anne Hathaway Rocked the Timeless Jeans-Alternative I Always Wear

### Anne Hathaway’s Fashion Game
I like to think of [Anne Hathaway as Andrea Sachs’s]( future self. In my version, Sachs walks away from Miranda Priestly, spearheads an acting career, and changes her name—hence the creation of Hathaway. Obviously, this is just a figment of my imagination, but this alternate storyline stems from the actress’ on-point fashion game. [She never misses a style beat](, and that’s been exceedingly evident during [The Idea of You press tour](

### Hathaway’s Rhinestone Getup
Jumping on *The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon*, Hathaway wore a sexy rhinestone getup including a [Fleur du Mal mesh bodysuit](, suede [Aquazzura platform pumps](, and a black version of these [$935 satin trousers]( from Des Phemmes. The jeans-alternative boasted a wide-leg, silky crepe material, and a sprinkling of gemstones.

### Wide-Leg Satin Pants Trend
I’m not saying I rock a pair of [satin trousers]( as well as Hathaway, but I do rely on similar styles like clockwork this time of year. The lightweight pants offer a breezy choice for spring and summer, combatting stiff bottoms that often leave you feeling hot and sticky. Hathaway and I aren’t the only ones in agreement on loose, glossy pants, either; [Jennifer Lawrence, Katie Holmes](, and [Martha Stewart]( all reach for similar trousers on the regular—and I have a feeling you will be soon, too.  

### Effortless Silk Slacks
Effortless silk slacks elevate [simple tees and sneakers]( in a jiffy and pair with [seasonal wedges]( and knit tops just as easily. The sexy yet refined pants are universally flattering, too, looking great on a wide range of body types, while feeling comfortable and unrestrictive. But don’t be surprised if both your mom *and* younger sister try to steal your silk bottoms; they’re ageless, serving as a foolproof wardrobe staple no matter the generation.

### Budget-Friendly Satin Trousers
Satin trousers can also fit into a variety of budgets. Consider these $30 [Feiersi high-waisted palazzo pants]( that come in spring-ready colors like pastel pink, airy blue, and light khaki. For a few extra dollars, opt for the [$40 Sweatyrocks silk bottoms]( that include practical side pockets. If you’re feeling extra luxurious, consider this [Reformation Mason Satin find](, which includes a button-front closure, or the [Sam Edelman Devyn bottoms]( with a crossover waist and front pleats.

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