Another Jan. 6 insurrection possible, warns former Capitol Police officer

Former Capitol Police Officer Warns of Potential Threats

High-Stakes Warning from Former Capitol Police Officer

Source) — Harry Dunn, a former U.S. Capitol Police officer, issued a stark warning about the potential for another Capitol attack, stressing the lack of accountability at the highest levels.

Accountability for Preventing Future Threats

Dunn emphasized that accountability serves as both healing for those affected and a deterrent to prevent future incidents. Without holding those responsible at the highest level of January 6 accountable, the risk of a similar event remains.

Democracy at Risk

Highlighting the broader threat to democracy, Dunn warned against the consequences of a potential return to power by former President Trump. He stressed that policy goals and crucial issues like women’s rights, gun safety, and healthcare would be at risk if democracy is compromised.

Personal Accounts and Political Endeavors

Recalling the violence he witnessed during the Jan. 6 riot, Dunn shared his perspective on the critical importance of safeguarding democracy. As a Democratic candidate for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional seat, Dunn’s campaign has garnered support from prominent House Democrats.

Dunn’s warnings shed light on the urgent need for accountability and the protection of democratic values against potential threats.

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