Attacking Becomes GOP’s Governing Strategy When Unable to Govern

Republicans Launch Impeachment Inquiry Against President Biden

December 13, 2023

The 118th Congress is wrapping up its first session, leaving behind a considerable amount of unfinished business. While deals on military outlays and the federal budget remain unresolved, the House of Representatives is focused on launching a formal impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. This move by the Republicans is seen as a distraction tactic to divert attention from their poor congressional record. It’s a classic case of attacking when unable to govern.

Unfounded Claims and Lack of Evidence

House Republicans, led by Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and Judiciary head Jim Jordan, have spent the past year and a half trying to piece together a legal case against Biden’s alleged high crimes and misdemeanors. However, their efforts have been in vain. Despite scrutinizing Hunter Biden’s business dealings, no evidence of any criminal activity by President Biden has been found. The claims of a “Biden crime family” and allegations of financial impropriety hold no merit. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the period in question pertains to a time when Joe Biden was not in public office.

The Inconsistency of Impeachment

If this impeachment attempt were to be successful, it would set a dangerous precedent. Impeachment should be based on clear evidence of abuse of executive powers while holding public office. By stretching the boundaries of impeachment to include actions that occurred before taking office, it opens the door for potential future impeachment proceedings against former presidents based on unrelated personal matters. It would be illogical and morally inconsistent to impeach a reelected Donald Trump for acts committed prior to his term, such as sexual assault allegations, when those actions carry more legal and moral stigma than parental loans.

A Change of Heart and Political Maneuvering

Despite initial reluctance, Speaker Mike Johnson has now scheduled a floor vote on Biden impeachment proceedings. Some Republicans, like Representative Don Bacon, have switched their stance and now support the impeachment vote, despite acknowledging the lack of evidence against the president. Their reasoning is based on the White House’s failure to comply with certain committee requests. However, this argument falls flat considering the Trump administration’s history of noncompliance with congressional subpoenas and impeachment inquiries. It is clear that this impeachment vote is not about holding the president accountable but rather a parody of legal oversight and a ploy to expand the right-wing victimhood narrative.

An Election Strategy and Character Assassination

The push for Biden’s impeachment is not just about the legal aspects; it is also a strategic move to undermine his image. The GOP hopes that a Biden impeachment probe will damage his reputation in the same way Trump intended to do with the Ukraine investigation during the 2020 election cycle. Early polls already show Trump leading Biden on various issues and narrowing the gap on corruption and honesty. This impeachment attempt not only serves as a distraction from the Republicans’ legislative failures but also aims to cement the perception of Biden’s character as a liability.

The Political Motive Behind Impeachment

Speaker Mike Johnson’s sudden change of heart can be attributed to the precarious political landscape. With a slim House majority and an upcoming national election, GOP candidates in competitive districts need a strong narrative to rally around. Impeachment provides a fresh opportunity for news cycles to focus on something other than the Republicans’ poor legislative record. It also allows them to capitalize on the public’s perception of Biden’s character as a potential advantage in gaining support for down-ticket Republican candidates. This political maneuver mirrors Johnson’s release of security footage from the January 6 insurrection, which aimed to reinforce the false narrative of election integrity preservation.

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