Attempting Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web Sculpt Society 30-Minute Workout

### Introduction
Start TODAY offers daily inspiration and workouts to help readers stay motivated and healthy. Recently, a writer had the opportunity to work out with celebrity trainer Megan Roup to experience the workout routine she used to train Dakota Johnson for her role in “Madame Web.”

### Dakota Johnson’s ‘Madame Web’ Sculpt Society Workout
Johnson worked with Roup using The Sculpt Society app, focusing on low-impact sculpt exercises and dance cardio to improve endurance and strength. They met twice a week for 45-minute sessions, with additional workouts suggested for Johnson to do on her own.

### Dakota Johnson’s 30-Minute Workout Routine
During the workout, the writer experienced a “Spicy in 30 Min” class which included dance cardio, arm exercises with light dumbbells, leg movements with sliders, planks, and booty workouts. The writer found the workout challenging but energizing, especially with the dance cardio warmup setting a positive tone for the class.

### Fitness Tips for Finding Motivation to Workout
Throughout the session, Roup shared her favorite fitness mantras and tips for staying motivated, including eliminating excuses, committing to shorter workouts more consistently, and choosing movement that is enjoyable. Roup emphasized the importance of making workouts accessible, efficient, and enjoyable to build sustainable habits around movement.

### What I Liked About the Workout
The writer appreciated that the workout was not just for celebrities but felt like something they could incorporate into their everyday routine. The energy and positivity from the 30-minute workout carried throughout the day, providing a boost of energy and mental clarity.

In conclusion, the workout with Megan Roup provided a challenging yet enjoyable experience that emphasized the importance of accessible and efficient movement for overall health and well-being. By incorporating elements of dance cardio, strength training, and targeted exercises, the workout showcased the benefits of finding joy in movement and committing to consistent, shorter workouts for long-term success.

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