Avoid this mistake when getting ready! Women over 50 should know better.

### Fashion Tips for Women Over 50

Women in their 50s and beyond often find themselves reevaluating their fashion choices as they age. Fashion influencer Nancy Queen, also known as Shopping On Champagne, recently shared some valuable tips on how women over 50 can update their style. One of her key pieces of advice is to keep nails well-maintained and avoid chipped nail polish, as it can detract from an overall polished look.

### The Importance of Well-Manicured Nails

Queen emphasized the importance of maintaining manicured nails, whether through regular polish or stick-on nails. She highlighted that chipped nail polish can be a significant detractor from a put-together appearance, especially as women age. By keeping nails well-groomed, women can elevate their overall style effortlessly.

### Easy Nail Hack for a Polished Look

For women looking for a quick and convenient way to maintain their nails, Queen recommended using stick-on nails as a game-changer. These nails are easy to apply, come in various designs, and can save time while still providing a polished finish. This simple hack allows women to enhance their appearance without investing significant time or effort.

### Adding Color and Style with Nail Polish

In addition to maintaining well-manicured nails, nail polish and stick-on nails can also be used to add pops of color to an outfit. Whether opting for bold, vibrant shades or subtle, muted tones, nails can serve as a stylish accessory. The versatility of stick-on nails allows women to switch up their look according to their outfit and style preferences.

### Updating Your Wardrobe for a Flattering Fit

Another valuable tip from Queen is to let go of clothes that no longer fit properly. Holding onto ill-fitting garments can clutter the closet and detract from a flattering silhouette. Instead, Queen advised women to part ways with items that no longer serve them and either tailor specific pieces or donate clothes that no longer fit to charity. By updating their wardrobe to ensure a proper fit, women can enhance their overall style and feel more confident in their clothing choices.

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